Motohara Reico


100 Teardrop Vase

I started a new project “100 Different Flower Arrangements”.
【Teardrop vase】
porcelain / 120 x 195 x 110 mm
Material: Porcelain (white porcelain of Seto)
Size: Width 12 x Height 19.5 x Depth 11 cm

I made a flower vase in 1997, but at that time I didn't put any flowers in it. I was more interested in the process of making beautiful things. In this corona, I noticed that the teardrop-shaped mouth of this vase makes it easy to place tall flowers, heavy-headed sunflowers, and hydrangea stalks. I now started a project to collect 100 kinds of flower arrangements. *I use white porcelain from Seto, which will be rare in the near future.

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