Motohara Reico



2022 11/19 (Sat) – 11/28 (Mon)
venue : Waves Project

This is Motohara once again wearing a ceramic piece that she molded of her body in 1988. Underlying the work is an eye toward “unbreakable time,” which can be seen as an attempt to unravel her own experience.

She has been contemplating the composition of clay, the material of ceramic art, and the materials that make up the earth. She is interested in the fact that the human body is made of the same elements, but that different people have different ways of thinking about the same elements.

We expect our body to work without a glitch, like a machine in a factory, and we don’t even think about the fact that our heart is beating while we sleep. We are not aware of the existence of our internal organs until we experience pain. At the same time, our bodies are made by taking in and breaking down dead creatures, and also our bodies are home to hundreds of millions of bacteria.

A vessel-like ceramic body moulded from Motohara’s body is filled with soil and planted with edible flowers grown by her from seed. She hoped that the flowers would bloom during the exhibition, but they did not. Instead, caterpillars were born inside this body, grasshoppers ate the leaves and laid eggs in the soil, giving it a strong life force.

Motohara once had the experience of smelling a male hairdresser on the bus and, poof, her chemistry teacher from her first year of high school was summoned from her memory. It was shocking that he, whom she never recalled after graduation, was stored with this smell in her body. It is not only what she is able to be aware of that she knows. It is un/breakable.

portrait photo: kabo
venue photo: nobuo yasutake

Talk event “Reiko’s Room vol.8”
Guest: Kosuke Tachiki, psychoanalyst and professor at the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
Saturday, November 26, 2022
The event was held at Cafe Sampo, next to Waves Project.