Motohara Reico



100g no Kimochi – 100 people, 100 feelings
venue: the center for creative communications

The seed for this project began when sitting down to work with my usual 100 grams of clay I thought of trying to see how many various works I could think of. I found there was no way to make the exact same thing, but at the same time discovered new possibilities with clay. This area will introduce the project in mutltiple formats.Workshop Exhibit/3F Participants in the workshop;100 g no Kimochi; presented by ceramic artist Reico Motohara, are given 100 grams of clay which they are free to turn it into anything they wish. Started in 2008, workshops have been held 9 times in Shizuoka, Tokyo, Matsumoto, Kanazawa and Fukuoka. This area will display the 100 different works from the 109 particpants, ranging in age from 12 to 69. From the endless variety of artwork created, one comes to understand that no one thing, no one person is the same; there is also surprise at the number of possibilities there are with just 100 grams of clay.

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